REVIEW: Chicken Show, Roman Road Gallery, Bethnal Green

London’s Roman Road runs from Bethnal Green tube station all the way up to Bow. It has a Costcutter on one corner, a Hallmark-style greetings card shop that’s been there for years, and several shops selling fried chicken and various kinds of takeaway – much of it the sort of food people grab on their way home from the pub, throwing greasy bones and empty boxes back into the street.

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Ghent and Gericault

Went to Ghent this weekend mainly to have a look at the Museum of Fine Arts' Gericault exhibition, which has transferred from Frankfurt and includes the two Cauis Cibber 'Melancholy and Raving Madness' statues from Bethlem Museum and Archives. Summary review: I thought the exhibition as a whole worked quite well: although extremely disparate in places, the Cibber statues actually sort of tied it all together. They were displayed on high pedestals at the entrance to the show, much as they used were when they flanked the entrance to the old Bedlam building in London's Moorfields. Combined with the final engraving from Hogarth's Rake's Progress, which mirrors the Cibber poses, it formed a nice loop which worked alongside Gericault's broader exploration of anatomy and bodies (I did say it was disparate). Also took a few photos. I seem to be getting quite obsessed with small things, either embedded into walls or carved on top of them. Ghent was good for street carvings.